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The Story


A priest, a poet and a politician walked into a…


These were no average men. Over the last 250 years, Stauntons on the Green has
been called home by some of Ireland’s most famous leaders.

John Henry Newman, a Catholic Cardinal, lived here
while he founded the Catholic University of Ireland right next door in Newman House.

The politician Henry Grattan retired to these rooms during his famously
successful battle for Irish parliamentary independence.
As a result commerce in Ireland bloomed and the two decades that followed
his win in 1782 were called Grattan’s Parliament.

Last but not least, the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins spent his final years here.
It was at his desk in this house that he wrote many of his most famous sonnets.


If these walls could talk they'd have rich tales to tell.
So be inspired.
Make big plans and do great things during your stay.

Stauntons on The Green

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